Harnessing Chinese Product Sourcing Strategies for Amazon’s Success


China serves as a vital product resource for Amazon sellers worldwide, featuring various marketplaces and suppliers. Understanding which platforms cater to English speakers or require translation is crucial.

Exploring alternative product sourcing for Amazon beyond China cannot, however, be overlooked.

However, China has still maintained its superior position.

The following tips can help in sourcing a reliable product that can easily sell on Amazon:

1) Will it be profitable?

When considering products for sale, ensure the sourcing and shipping costs are lower than current Amazon selling prices to make a profit. Use the rule of three to allocate sales proceeds to fees, landed costs, and profit, aiming for a third each.

Products priced between $25 to $50 are recommended for better cost recovery, as higher-priced products can deter buyers and lower conversion rates.

2) Can you ship your product easily?

Consider the weight of your product when sourcing from China, as smaller items are more cost-effective to ship, quicker to deliver, and suitable for air freight. For larger quantities, opt for ocean freight for heavy or bulky orders to minimize delays and reduce the risk of damage during transit.

Prioritizing products that are easier to ship can streamline your supply chain and improve efficiency.

3) Is there any scope for improvement?

When sourcing a manufacturer in China, leverage online resources and choose a product niche with potential for enhancement. Go for products that can be easily modified to align with evolving consumer demands, avoiding high-value or complex items that lack flexibility for improvements over time.

Collaborating with manufacturers to enhance product solutions incrementally can help meet evolving expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.

4) Can the product be easily produced?

For Amazon sellers, opting for products that don’t demand specialized manufacturing expertise, like glass or electronics, can help avoid complexities and challenges in production and quality control.

Beginners are advised to choose reliable and straightforward products that are easy to manufacture, enhancing predictability and reducing the risk of complications in the Amazon marketplace.

5) Is there a high demand?

To determine which products to source from China, assess demand within your target market, focusing on items with high demand for a better return on investment. Look for popular categories like sports, home & kitchen, toys, beauty, and more on Amazon, utilizing tools like Jungle Scout for data-driven decisions.

Consider partnering with a trustworthy sourcing company for expert guidance in sourcing Chinese products for Amazon from China efficiently.

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