Know About PET CT Scan


Positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) Scans are performed on the same machine to give detailed pictures of areas inside the body. The Scan is used to diagnose various diseases like cancer, brain disorders and heart diseases.

What is the PET CT Scan?

Positron emission tomography (PET) and CT Scans are special types of Scans in which radioactive material is used to detect the disease and show how the organ is functioning in real-time. This Scan creates 3D images for more accurate diagnosis of the disease. In this Scan, a tracer, which is a special type of short-acting radioactive liquid is used. This tracer is glucose with radiolabelled and the most used glucose (sugar) is fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG).  The rate of consumption of glucose (sugar) by the tissues gives the idea of the body. Unhealthy tissues use less or more amount of glucose (sugar) as compared to normal tissue for normal processes. In the case of cancer, cells grow quickly so they need more glucose than normal. Similarly, tissues using less glucose as compared to the normal indicates an abnormality in the tissue. Tissues that absorb more radiotracer can be easily detected by the Scan and are called hot spots.

Why PET CT Scan is Required?

This Scan is required to detect cancer (breast, lung and thyroid), brain disorders (brain tumours, epilepsy, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease) and heart problems (coronary artery, heart attack and other heart problems). It is also used to determine whether the cancer has spread in your body (stage of cancer), show whether the lump is cancer or not, assess the effectiveness of the treatment, which treatment is best for the condition and show how well a treatment is going for the particular condition. 

Preparation and Procedure for PET CT Scan

The Scan usually takes 20-30 minutes, but before going for the Scan you have to talk with the healthcare expert about the procedure. You need to discuss the medical history with your healthcare whether you have any diseases like diabetes, heart disease or any other disease. Also provide the list of medications, vitamins or any supplements you are taking. Any allergies, pregnancy, breastfeeding or any other case, which your healthcare provider should know. Avoid any rigorous exercise for about 12 to 24 hours before the Scan.

The person should not eat anything for six hours before the Scan, drink only water, avoid caffeine and let your healthcare provider know if you have any issues with the enclosed space. The Scan starts with the IV injection of a radiotracer, which contains a safe amount of radioactive elements.  You will be made to sit on the chair for about 1 hour so that the tracer will move through the bloodstream and reach to different organs and tissues of interest. Avoid the activity after the tracer is injected, too much movement will lead to the absorption of the tracer by the tissues using more energy for the movement. A contrast dye of IV injection will also be injected to get the sharper images and you may also experience some clicking sounds while the scanner takes images. After completion, the healthcare provider will review the scans and will be provided with the necessary information produced from the reports.

Risks involved with the PET CT Scan

The Scan is safe and uses the minimal amount of radioactive elements approved by Food and Drug Administration Standards (FDA) for administration. The drug remains in the body for a short duration of time and its exposure is less as compared to the natural radiation from the environment. Still, a patient can discuss with the healthcare provider before going to the procedure.

What is the Cost of the PET CT Scan in Delhi?

The cost of PET CT Scan in Delhi depends on the area, health facility and the quality of healthcare provider. You can choose Ganesh Diagnostic for the Scan as they provide the best facility, and quality and have expertise in healthcare with affordable prices and discounts available.


PET CT Scan is one of the key Scans to detect the early stages of cancer, heart disease or any brain disorders. A radioactive material is used in the Scan for the detection of any such abnormalities in the body. This Scan involves the injection of radioactive material so need the best expertise and facility to perform the Scan. The Scan in non-invasive and the procedure is fast and accurate. The cost of the Scan depends on the type of PET and the area and healthcare facility.

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