Aircon Gas Types: Which One is Right for Your Unit?


Your air conditioner needs to be fitted with the proper kind of air conditioner gas for optimum performance and efficiency. Refrigerant types differ in their attributes and qualities, which can affect their ability to cool, their energy efficiency, and their environmental sustainability. Before you schedule for an aircon gas top up in Singapore, it is important to do your research. This article examines the several kinds of air conditioner gas that are available and offers suggestions for choosing the best kind for your unit.

Types of Gas Air Conditioners


R22 was formerly the most widely used refrigerant in air conditioning systems. It is sometimes referred to as HCFC-22 or Freon-22. However, several nations have phased out its manufacture and importing due to its detrimental effects on the ozone layer. While R22 is still present in some older units, more ecologically friendly alternatives are increasingly replacing it.

R410A (Puron)

Modern air conditioning systems are increasingly using R410A, a chlorine-free refrigerant. Because it doesn’t contribute to ozone depletion as R22 does, R410A is a more environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, it has superior heat transfer qualities and increased energy efficiency, which enhance cooling performance while using less energy. Since R410A refrigerant is intended to be used in many modern air conditioning systems, it is the recommended option for installation and maintenance.


Another chlorine-free refrigerant that is becoming more and more well-liked in the air conditioning sector is R32. It is even more environmentally benign than R410A since it has a lower global warming potential (GWP). Like R410A, R32 provides exceptional heat transfer properties and energy efficiency. Because of this, a lot of manufacturers are starting to use R32 refrigerants in their air conditioning systems in order to abide by environmental laws and satisfy consumer demand for more environmentally friendly cooling options.

Picking the Right Air Conditioning Gas

Several considerations should be taken into account when choosing the appropriate type of air conditioning gas for your unit:

Compatibility with Systems

Make sure your air conditioner is compatible with the refrigerant you select. Newer units are usually compatible with R410A or R32; however, older units might be built to use R22. Using the incorrect kind of refrigerant might result in system failures and decreased efficiency.

Impact on the Environment

While selecting a refrigerant, consider its environmental impact. Refrigerants without chlorine, such as R410A and R32, are more environmentally friendly than those that deplete the ozone, such as R22. Selecting a refrigerant with a lower potential for global warming can reduce your carbon footprint and support environmental sustainability.

Efficiency in Energy Use

Analyse the refrigerant’s energy efficiency. Lower energy costs and a less environmental effect can result from increased energy efficiency. Over time, you can reduce your cooling expenses by utilising R410A and R32, which are renowned for their exceptional energy efficiency.


Selecting the appropriate type of air conditioning gas for your unit is essential for peak efficiency, reduced energy use, and environmental sustainability. When choosing a refrigerant, take into account aspects like energy efficiency, environmental impact, and compatibility with other systems. Maintaining the ideal quantity of refrigerant and making sure your unit runs effectively for many years requires routine maintenance, which includes air conditioner gas top-ups performed by trained specialists. You may take advantage of dependable cooling and lessen your environmental impact by selecting the appropriate air conditioning gas and maintaining your system with diligence.

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